• Welcome to our website! It was developed with the help of our hosts, Reaper Enterprises using Joomla content management, and launched in mid-2014.
  • One of our major projects, Medieval Lands, remains for the time being in the old HTML-based system, consisting of a complex set of interlinked files. It can be accessed from from the Projects menu on our main website, and has its own internal menu which should appear on screen in the top right corner. .
  • All current and past editions of our journal, Foundations  can be viewed or downloaded from the publications menu, by registered users and members.  The contents and abstracts are on open access. The full text of older volumes (1 to 4) is now on open access.
  • The Users' Area gives access (after login) to Foundations articles as well as recent issues of FMG News, our electronic members' newsletter.
  • The bibliographic database and library catalogue can be searched under the Resources menu. Follow the guidance notes there for best results.
  • The online shop is available for payment of membership subscriptions or purchase of publications.
  • Selected pages have been translated into French - click the tricolour icon to view.
  • We are very happy to receive your comments and feedback, suggestions for improvement, and reports of any links that do not work.


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