Antecedents of Queen Helena 'the Byzantine', consort of Inge I of Sweden

Author: Sjöström, M
Publisher: Foundation for Medieval Genealogy

Year published: 2008

Description / Notes:


The author reviews the scant primary material concerning Queen Helena of Sweden. He discusses the Greek onomastics relating to her name and those of her offspring, and enquires whether anyone knows any primary or near-contemporary sources, particularly around Constantinople or Russia, that would shed light on her antecedents.


Series/Journal/Book Title: Foundations
Language: English

Edition / Issue No.: 5

Accession No./FMG ID S- : 2962
Volume: 2
Number of Pages / Range: 375-378
ISSN: 1479-5078 1479-5086
Place of Publication: Vowchurch, Hereford, UK

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