Amendments have been made to the following entries by K S B Keats-Rohan and are available on p.4 of her second volume, Domesday Descendants.

  • p.245 Harold de Ewias
  • p.256 Hubert de Montcanisy
  • p.283 Ivo Taillebois
  • p.336 Radulf de Pomerei
  • p.400 Roger de Bellomonte
  • p.420 [not p.460 as stated in list of corrections] Sigar de Cioches

Katharine Keats-Rohan

  • p.208 Gislebert De Aquila
    ".he died in 1106..."
    This date (and indeed the sentence) seems to be in error, for Gilbert died around 1118 by which time his son, Richer, had succeeded to the lordship of Aigle and was claiming his father's estate in England

(DD p.284).

Gordon Kirkemo

  • p.245 Harold de Ewias
    "Son and heir of Ralph of Dreux, earl of Hereford, and Goda, sister of Edward the Confessor".
    Other sources say that it was Ralph of Dreux, not Harold, who was son of Goda, sister of Edward the Confessor, by Dreux Count of the Vexin.
    CP, 6: 446; Barlow, 1988, genealogical tables

    Chris Phillips

  • p.283 Johannes Filius Waleranni
    The reference, "Comp. Peer. xii, 272" should probably read "Comp. Peer. XII/2, Appendix B".
  • p.302 Nigel de Monneuile

    Katharine Keats-Rohan

  • p.316 Osbern Filius Ricardi Scrob
    "He married Nesta ... by whom he had issue...Nesta(or Agnes), wife of Bernard of Neufmarche by 1088, according to Orderic Vitalis (vi,124)"
    The correct reference is (viii, 271)

    Mark Allen

  • p.331 Radulf de Caisned
    "...father also of Hugh and Sibil, wife of Robert fitz Walter de Caen."
    Farrer [HKF, 3: 314, 316] quotes conflicting statements about Sibyl's parentage, from the chronicle of Sibton Abbey [citing Dugdale, 1817-30, 3: 636b; 5: 559b] and Dugdale's notes of the chartulary of Coxford [citing Bodleian Library, Dugdale MS 39, ff. 103, 103d]. Both these accounts make Sibyl the sister of John de Chesney and the daughter of a Ralph de Chesney, but the former identifies this Ralph with one who "came at the conquest", whereas the latter gives two Ralphs, father and son. In Farrer's chart pedigree (p. 314) he shows Sibyl as the granddaughter of the Domesday tenant Ralph. As there seems to be no doubt that there were two Ralphs, and that John de Chesney was the son of the younger one, this seems to be correct.
    HKF, 3: 314, 316

    Chris Phillips

  • p.349 Rainald Filius Iuonis

    Katharine Keats-Rohan

  • p.357 Remigius Episcopus Lincolniensis

    "Apparently a relative of William I...".

    The epitaph of William of Aincourt, son of Walter de Aincourt of Blankney, states that he was a kinsman of Bishop Remigius and king William II, which does not necessarily mean he was related to William I. "Hic iacet Wi[llelmus] filius Walteri Aiencuriensis consanguinei Remigii episcopi Lincoliensis qui hanc ecclesiam fecit. Prefatus Willelmus regia styrpe progenitus dum in curia regis Willelmi filii magni Regis Willelmi qui Angliam conquisivit aleretur iii [ka]l' Novemb' obiit."

    Cris Nash, Chris Phillips

  • p.380 Robert de Todeni De Beluedir

    "...he married the daughter of Ramon Berenguer I of Barcelona"

    According to Clarius de Sens, cited in the text, he married the sister of Ramon, not daughter.

    Chuck Owens

  • p.401-2 Roger de Busli

    The account gives that Stephen granted Roger's lands to Henry count of Eu, son of Beatrice who was the daughter of Roger de Busli.

    On p.477 under Willelm de Ow it is given that Beatrice was the sister of Roger de Bully. It might be more accurate to give that this was Roger II de Busli who is mentioned on p.402 as son of Roger I.

    Tim Powys-Lybbe

  • p.414 Rotbert de Bruis

    “His son Adam ... married Jueta de Archis....”  Robert’s son Adam married Agnes de Aumale as given in Domesday Descendants p. 354. It was Adam II de Brus who married Jueta de Archis.

    R M Blakely, “The Bruses of Skelton and William of Aumale", Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, 73 (2001), 25-27.

    Rosie Bevan 

  • p.448 Walter de Aincurt

    "...according to a Lincoln cathedral epitaph which claimed Walter as a kinsman of the king and Bishop Remigius of Lincoln..."

    The epitaph actually referred to William, son of Walter, in those terms. See DP correction for p.357.

    Chris Phillips

  • p.451 Walter de Gloecestria

    "At his death in 1129 he left issue by his wife Bertha of Miles of Gloucester..."

    This should most likely read "At his death in 1129 he left issue by his wife Bertha, Miles of Gloucester".

    Cris Nash

  • p.476 Willelm de Moion

    "A charter in the Bath Cartulary (no. 34) gives...his sons as Geoffrey and Robert and his brothers as Wimund;...".

    The plural 'brothers' raises a question as to whether other names have been omitted.

    Cris Nash

  • p.487 Willelm filius Osberni

    "...his mother [was] a descendant of William I Longsword of Normandy,...".

    In fact Emma's father, Raoul/Rudolf/Ralph, count of Ivry, was the uterine brother of Richard I of Normandy, son of William. This information was given to Dudo by Raoul himself.

    Cris Nash; Todd Farmerie
  • p.494 Willelm Peccatus

    For his descendants see CP X, 331ff, not CP VIII 331ff as given in the text.

    Cris Nash

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