Böbingen is a small village in Germany in the state of Baden-Württemberg (indicated on the maps), south of Schechingen.

The first known member of the family is a Konrad of Böbingen, named in the chronicle of Zwiefalten.

His ancestors came from the famous houses of the dukes of Zähringen and the counts of Nassau.

Arms 1346The family of Böbingen has the same arms as the family of Schechingen, so they must have the same ancestors:

Unfortunately, sources on this family are extremely rare; nevertheless the author has started to develop a genealogical tree, using the chronicle of Zwiefalten and the Württembergisches Urkundenbuch.

Click here to view an outline pedigree chart. This corresponds to the indented descendant charts shown below, which have links to individual datasheets (shown as underlined names). The older datasheets are in PDF format, and we are working to upgrade them to our new format.


Berthold of Zähringen
Richwara of Susa
└──Richinza of Spitzenberg †~1110
   NN of Frickingen
   └──Richinza of Frickingen >1102
Eberhard of Metzingen, *1075, 1112  brother of Trutwin of Griesbach, ~1087, 1090
      ├──NN of Metzingen
      ├──Adalbert of Böbingen
      └──Richinza of Metzingen
         Reginhard of Michelestein-Dapfen-Böbingen 1122
   Ludwig of Sigmaringen-Spitzenberg 1083/92


Konrad I of Böbingen, *<1321, >1358
├──Konrad II of Böbingen and of Altenberg
└──Heinrich of Böbingen ~1333


Engelin of Böbingen, *<1330, †>1367              Syfrid of Böbingen, lay brother in Lorch 1333-1350
unknown spouse
├──Mezza of Böbingen ~1367
└──Hennel of Landau

Further individuals not linked to the charts:

Anna von Böbingen
Duothein von Böbingen
Hainz von Böbingen zu Michelstein
Sifrid von Böbingen the younger
Wernher von Böbingen


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