The Foundation for Medieval Genealogy publishes a journal entitled 'Foundations' with articles, short communications and reviews, all relating to medieval genealogy (pre-1500).

Background information

Volume 14 was published in 2022 and vol 15 is due in November 2022.

Earlier issues also included letters and queries, but those are now distributed through our members' Newsletter. We also have a Facebook page for exchange of views and information among our members.  We are actively seeking contributions to Foundations, from members or others. The journal is provided electronically via our website to all Registered Users and Members of the Foundation. Titles and abstracts are open access.  Since 2012, the journal has been published annually. Until 2022 a printed edition has been available but from 2023 it should be accessed online.  All articles have a PDF facility suitable for printing or downloading.

Submitted and approved articles will be published on this site as they become ready. We are considering the options for generating a cumulative print edition from time to time. This will depend on demand, so if you are likely to be interested please let us know.

Anyone can purchase back issues of Foundations by going to our secure online shop.

To view the online edition of the journal go to the Users' Area and login (password required). You must be a Registered User or Member of the FMG to use this facility for the more recent volumes. Older ones are on open access.

We welcome feedback on Foundations, either regarding its genealogical content, or the form of presentation. If you have any technical difficulty with navigation in the Online Edition of Foundations, for example links that do not work, please let us know with full details of what happened and what error messages you received.

How to Contribute

All articles will be published in English. It may be possible to arrange for translation of original articles submitted in some other European languages, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for advice.
Contributions for future issues are welcomed in one of the following categories:

  1. Original articles on medieval genealogy (pre-1500 AD)
    the length of the article should be appropriate to its content; if in doubt contact the editor
  2. Short communications of 1000 words or less
    (for differences from the above see instructions for contributors)
  3. Some "how to" or "where to find" items for those developing an interest in the subject
  4. Possibly some points of uncertainty or controversy
    (all work must be soundly based on reliable, preferably primary, sources)

Please note all articles are subject to evaluation by our panel of experts before acceptance by the editor. Some instructions for contributors can be seen by clicking here.
Authors, please note the citation format for Foundations which is based on the Chicago humanities "shortened footnote" style, with a bibliography at the end. A short guide to how this applies to Foundations can be viewed here. All illustrations must specify the copyright owner and, where necessary, the owner's permission to publish both in print and online.

We prefer material to be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word (or Open Office) format or as a text file. All submissions should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and advance notice of what you intend to send would be helpful.



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