by Andrew Lancaster [1]


In his 1960 study of early Anglo-Norman feudal baronies I J Sanders had difficulties explaining the first post-1066 generations in what he referred to as the “Barony of Aveley”, and the “Barony of Crick” (as he spelled it). In recent decades, K S B Keats-Rohan singled them out as cases where new explanations had successfully superseded those of Sanders. However, it will be shown that the solutions proposed by Keats-Rohan are unlikely in several ways. The most likely scenarios are considered in this article. Aveley and Crich are dealt with together because there is a link between them which Keats-Rohan did not take account of: Graelan de Tani and Edward of Salisbury were brothers.

Foundations (2020) 12: 89–113                         © Copyright FMG and the author

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