translated by Michael Andrews-Reading [1]

Foundations (2014) 6: 11-12    © Copyright FMG and the author

 Humphrey de Bohun, 8th Earl of Hereford and 9th Earl of Essex, married Elizabeth, daughter of King Edward I, in 1302. He was killed at the Battle of Boroughbridge on 16 March 1322.[2] A transcription of his will, in French, “preserved in the archives of the Duchy of Lancaster, [3] was printed in the Archaeological Journal in 1845 with an article by Turner examining some of its contents and the accompanying estate inventory.[4] A subsequent English version was published in 1896 in an account of Bohun wills by Bigelow.[5] The present version is offered to facilitate access for modern scholars, and to complement the article on p.3 of this journal.

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