by Michael J Wood[1]


As part of an ongoing project to compile the pedigrees of every family at Dedham, Essex before c.1700, the rolls for that period of the manor courts that had jurisdiction in the parish have been abstracted by the author. They form the backbone of this account of the family of Gurdon. Because Gurdon of Assington, Suffolk, and all the barons Cranworth, are descended from this family, the medieval generations have been published several times in outline, but the generations in Dedham were incomplete and inaccurate. This article aims to provide a definitive account of the family. John Coggeshall who migrated to New England in 1632, the wife of Herbert Pelham who migrated in 1639 and the wife of Richard Saltonstall who emigrated in 1631, are Gurdon descendants, as shown in this article. Herbert and Jemima Pelham had no issue, but there are many Coggeshall and Saltonstall descendants.

Foundations (2014) 6: 82-101     © Copyright FMG and the author

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